Mahodand Lake Swat

Mahudand Lake is a lake about 40 km from Kalam, in Pakistan’s upper Ushu Valley. The lake is close to Lake Saifullah and Naseerullah. It is accessible with a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is a good location for fishing.

Mahodand valley, which lies in the North of Kalam, is famous not only among nature lovers, and escapists but also the exotic trout fish hunters. The valley can be accessed through an un-metalled road from Kalam in a four by four (4×4) vehicle. The road is bumpy and tricky but the surrounding landscapes engrosses you so severely that you wish for more and expect to discover new panoramas. The small hamlets that are scattered in the mountains and the bellowing smoke that spirals into the sky from the houses are some, which lives in the memory forever. Swat River, which is born here, is shackled by the tall mountains, which has turned its water into a roaring monster trying to release itself from its fetters, but there are some places where the river is calm and silent without showing any sign of rebellion. After driving for about four to five hours from the vast valley of kalam, you will enter the wonderful and spectacular valley of Mahodand where the small lakes, towering trees and sprawling pastures welcome you. Some temporary restaurants and hotels have been constructed by the locals, which provide essential facilities of food and accommodation. They also provide boating facilities in the lakes.

The spectacular landscapes, the canopy of tall cedar trees, the vast pastures, the roaring waterfalls, the shimmering lakes, the sky touching mountains, and the exotic fragrance of wild flowers and herbs leave such strong imprints on the mind that the visitor is always in search of other opportunity to become one with nature again.

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